Steven Wise
Steven Wise

“Hopefully, Corporate Canada will pick its areas within SickKids, joining the hospital in a very big way and teaching by example to make the world a better place for children.”
That’s the mission of Toronto-based KRG Insurance Group, a prominent brokerage house striving to do the very best for its community. Through KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation, the company regularly raises funds and awareness for kids’ charities each and every day of the year.
Thanks to KRG’s financial support, SickKids’ Emergency Department is a livelier environment for kids who are sick and injured. Vital, life-saving equipment needed for trauma and resuscitation is updated. Staff lounges and waiting rooms are made comfortable. And magnificently themed murals are painted here annually.
As well, their foundation helped to modernize the hospital’s Plastic Surgery Clinic for the Burns, Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial programs. Since these renovations, staff morale has improved and children better respond to treatments, with their residual fear and uncertainty lifted like rubber balloons.
Enriching and enhancing patients’ lives are what it’s all about for Steven Wise, chairman and CEO of KRG and chairman of KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation. “KRG is in the insurance business and the hospital represents a giant insurance policy for children and their families out there,” he says. “SickKids’ legacy speaks for itself. It is one of the top international institutions, proving time after time that it is able to bring in kids from all over the world and give them the opportunity to grow and get better.”
Steven encourages other corporations and friends to contribute a percentage of everything they make towards philanthropy. “At the end of the day, we’re a bricks and mortar group that likes to contribute to the Common Good. We’re committed to the hospital and will be until the end of time…”